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Some people think hunting is easy, while others think it’s an extreme outdoor activity that only the brave should dare do.

While it may be true that hunting is an easy thing for some, this does not mean that the sport is an easy thing to learn, even for experts. I have grown old with a passion for hunting but I never stopped learning how to do it better every time.

Before I got the knowledge I have now, I had to start somewhere, and I started, just like anybody, as a beginner.

Understanding where to start when learning how to hunt is a tough job, and it is an even tougher job to teach adults how to hunt. This is even made tougher by the fact that I never really got any formal training of sorts for learning how to hunt. I just grew up to hunting, with my dad as my sole mentor, helping me and teaching me the tricks of hunting as I went along.

Teaching someone to hunt, for me, is also a learning process. This is because I really do not know how it feels like to be an adult who does not know how to hunt. I learned it during childhood, hence, reaching my adult years, I already know how to do it, and I actually thought that it is a normal thing that adults learn as they grow.

Now that I have learned that some adults do not have the slightest clue about hunting, I decided to start teaching those who are interested. Again, it was not an easy choice and it is not an easy task for me. I could easily hunt, but I have difficulty in teaching. Good thing that the adults who have asked me to teach them, so far, are very understanding of the set-up that we have.

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First Step

As I tell any other hunter-wannabe, the first step for any beginner is to attend a seminar or a course on hunting. More than learning the theories on hunting, the most important thing that you could probably learn from these are the safety measures that are necessary once you engage in hunting. There are laws on hunting, limiting hunters to what can be hunted and what cannot be hunted. There are also laws regarding the weapons and traps you could use for hunting, etc.

Hunting is a dangerous game if the person doing it is not responsible enough to know the extent of harm that could befall on an innocent person or animal. This is the reason why hunting is sometimes frowned upon by other people. They think people who hunt are people with cold hearts, who do not care for the animals they kill.

As a person who has grown and lived with hunting as a constant outdoor activity, I am no longer affected by these accusations. We are humans like anybody else, we just like to do a sport that involves killing, does not make us any less human from people who buy meat from the shopping malls to eat. Do you get my drift?

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