Hunter’s Life: When a Hunting Friend Gets Sick

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I will start this post with this moral lesson:

When you go out for hunting, make sure you leave your house in good shape because hunting trips might leave you too exhausted to immediately fix when you get back.

And that is exactly what my friend Don had to learn the hard way ( I didn’t even know about the moral lesson myself until shared me the story).

Many studies can prove that germs and viruses are able to propagate and multiply much faster when they are provided with an environment that is wet or even just damped. This is because they can gain food and nutrients from water. This is the reason why people are more susceptible to health problems when they are in an environment that is almost always damped.

It is for this reason that people should be wary about the parts of their house that have already been damaged and/or penetrated by water elements such as the roof, the basement, the walls, and almost any other part of the house that can be exposed to water such as rain, dew and water pipes.

This precautionary measure is exactly what my friend Don, forgot to do for his home. When he came back from a hunting trip, he noticed that he was beginning to have rashes all over his body and he was always sneezing. A few months back he had troubles restoring his basement when it was flooded one time. No matter how he cleaned the place, instead of becoming stable, the materials that make up her basement are only crumbling and are becoming weak. He also noticed that it was dirtier than the usual, no matter how much he cleans it all away.

Scared that more disease could come his way, he decided to immediately call the services of the team. At first he was scared that since they were quite affordable, they would do a lame job. Thankfully his fears were wrong, as the company did a great job in restoring his basement.

When they were done with the basement, it was way better than it originally was. The dirt was also gone and the source of leakage because of the rain was also pinpointed and fixed. They even took a few extra moments to check the whole house so that other parts of the house would not be easily damaged by water elements.

Don is still recovering from all the allergies and the sickness that the dirt and molds cost him. I was able to know about his story when he called me to cancel on his next hunting trip because he has to rest a little bit more.

I’m happy he’s recovering, but I’m also sad Don won’t be with us in our next hunting trip. Also, now I have myself thinking about having my own place checked out for dirts and molds. I can’t afford to be sick, given the lifestyle I have.


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