Hunting and ATVs, a Match Made in Heaven?

Now, I may be barking up the wrong tree with this one, as using an ATV while hunting isn’t especially uncommon. However, if this is something you’ve been considering doing in order to add some mobility to your hunts, stick around for a few minutes while I opine about the excellent benefits of using an ATV when out on the hunt.


First and foremost, an ATV gives you mobility. If you head to your favorite hunting spot in your truck or SUV, you’re typically going to have to park and make your way out on foot. This works, for sure, but how often are your quarry going to be right where you parked? Probably not often.

An ATV can help you get into those deep parts of the woods which would either take quite a bit of time to reach on foot or through terrain which could potentially injure you.


An ATV makes for additional storage, which is awesome. If you’re out in the woods and take down a deer, it’s going to be a bit of a hassle carrying it back to your truck on your own. You can strap that thing to the back of your ATV and you’re golden.

Transportation aside, you can also carry additional ammunition, more firearms or weapons, and food or water to sustain yourself while you wait for your target to make itself visible.


Perhaps the second-greatest aspect of the all-terrain vehicle, apart from the obvious benefit of mobility, is the ability to have special attachments on the ATV. You can, for instance, have a lightbar installed on your vehicle to make your path far more visible, or to simply light up the area in which you are waiting.

You can also install a winch to help you move fallen trees or assist others you may see who need some help. Really, there’s a whole lot you can do with different ATV attachments. There are Bluetooth speakers you can hook up, as well as different garden tools, though those won’t be as useful when you’re trying to hunt.

Alternate Thoughts

There are a couple things to consider before you make the big jump to an ATV. Where do you hunt? Vehicles like this do make quite a bit of noise, and, depending on where you hunt, this can have an effect on the wildlife in the area.

If you hunt in an area which has a lot of noise from vehicles and tractors or what have you, you likely won’t run into any issues. Heading into the deep woods, however, where it’s usually quiet, the animals are going to hear you coming. You can prepare for this, however, by making plans to spend some extra time for the animals to come around.

Another issue is a matter of safety. With all the rough terrain you may be traversing, you run the potential of tipping or getting into some sort of accident. Because of this, a helmet and other protective gear is pretty important. A helmet is likely the most important, and choosing a good one can be tough. These Simpson helmet reviews can point you in a good direction.

Is It Right for You?

It’s a fair question, and one you need to consider deeply before making a major purchase like this. Do you need to get to your hunting spots faster? Is it appropriate for the areas in which you hunt? Do you need or want the additional storage space? Answer these questions before taking the big leap. There are a great number of benefits, but knowing if it’s right for you is the first step.


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