Why A Kukri Machete Is Such A Versatile Hunting Tool

In the spring of 2016, there were a reported 16 million licensed hunters in the United States. This means that there’s a lot of trails that need to be maintained, brush that needs to be cleared, foraging that can be done, and you may even need to defend yourself from a wild animal attack. Fortunately, there’s one tool for all of these issues; a machete.

What They’re Good For

Machetes have a variety of uses. Some are good for one task, whereas some as good for another. Check out what machetes are good for in an overall perspective.

Clearing Vegetation

Vegetation Clearing

A Kukri machete is ideal for clearing vegetation, especially those with his wood content. This would be an ideal tool for making space for a tree stand. They can remove side branches from tree trunks, cut smaller branches that are just in the way, and they can even use them to clear underbrush to avoid a forest fire if you decide to do an overnight hunting trip out in the wilderness.

Survival & Hunting

The main swinging action of a machete is chopping and slashing, which is similar to what you would do with a regular knife. The Kukri machete has a large spear point tip that is ideal for self defense, whereas other kinds may be better suited for filleting a fish or gutting a deer.


Machetes of all kinds are great for foraging items such as fruits, nuts, grapes, berries, and they can also be used for butchering livestock and poultry. Using a machete for quickly breaking deer or other carcasses into smaller pieces makes transporting them from the hunting grounds back to your home easier and more manageable

Clearing Brush

A machete is another go-to tool for clearing brush. Obviously, you aren’t going to carry a weed whacker in the woods with you are you? My bet is no. Using proper safety and tactics can help you clear out that unwanted brush from around your tree stand or while maintaining your trail.

Properly Using A Machete

Before you head out into the woods, it’s best to know how to to properly use your machete.

First-Check The Area

Before you start swingin’, check the area around you. You need to ensure that the area within your swing is clear and that there’s nothing or anyone standing behind you. You also need to check frequently as you work to ensure no pets, kids, or other people have popped up unexpectedly.

Step 2- Hold It Properly

In order to properly swing your machete, you need to learn how to hold it. You wrap your thumb and forefinger around the other side of the handle, pinching them together. With the other three fingers, wrap them loosely around the base of the handle. The handle should have a little bit of play within your palm, don’t grip too tightly.

Step 3- Swinging

If you plan to chop or hack, swing with the broad and heavy spot of the machete. This will help give you momentum. You should swing higher and direct your arm downward to increase momentum. You need to also bring your shoulder down as you swing and it’s important that you let your elbow lead the direction of the swing. If you flick your wrist slightly when making contact with the material being cut, it’ll help as well.


Machetes are very versatile, but dangerous weapons. As long as you know how to use them, what each one can be used best for, and how to care for them, your machete will be your new best friend when it comes to hunting tools. Remember to keep them out of reach of children and never swing them without looking to see what’s around you.

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